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Taylor Martinez

McMonigle Team

Newport Beach, CA

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My name is Taylor Martinez and I am currently a member of the Mcmonigle Team at
the Newport Beach branch of Berkshire Hathaway. I developed in interest in real
estate at an early age by working along side my dad and his real estate
investment corporation. He taught me most of the assets of the business, and I
knew that I had a passion for it. Along with my passion for real estate, I
developed a love for football as a kid. This dedication and work ethic I learned
from my father in real estate, I applied to football. This would eventually help
me to earn a scholarship to the University of Nebraska where I would become a
four year starting quarterback and captain. While I finished my football career
prematurely due to career ending injuries, I am thankful that I've always
maintained my knowledge of real estate. I believe that my football career has
only helped me to become a better person off the field, and to apply those
competitive, team leading, hard working characteristics that I learned through
the sport to my real estate career. After graduating in December 2013 and
earning my bachelors degree in Ethnic Studies with a minor in Sociology, I moved
back to California to the Orange County area. Currently I reside in Laguna Beach
and am enjoying everything Southern California has to offer.